Jesus’ Names (1)

We can read the story about Jesus’ birth in the New Testament books of Matthew and Luke. Several Old Testament prophets talked about Jesus’ birth, too. When we read these verses, we learn that Jesus was called different names. Today and for the next few days, we will look at seven names for Jesus.
In our Bible Reading today we read that an angel came to Joseph in a dream. The angel told Joseph to give Mary’s baby the name, Jesus. This is the name that most New Testament writers use. But what does the name Jesus mean? Verse 21b says, “Give him that name because he will save his people from their sins.” “Jesus” means savior or salvation.
God sent Jesus to the earth to die on the cross. Jesus died to save you and me from the punishment for our sins. Jesus is our Savior.
This Christmas season, don’t just think about baby Jesus. Remember that Jesus grew up and became the Savior of the world. Thank God for His wonderful gift of salvation through Jesus.