Jesus’ Names (5)

An angel from God came to a group of shepherds near Bethlehem. This angel told the shepherds that Jesus had been born. The angel said (verse 11), “Today your Savior was born in David’s town. He is the Messiah, the Lord.”
For many years, the Jews had waited for God to send someone to save them from their sins. The Jews used the name “Messiah” to describe the one who would be God’s special person. The word “Christ” means the same thing as “Messiah.”
When the shepherds heard that the Christ had been born, they hurried to Bethlehem to see Him. Later the shepherds returned to their sheep. Verse 20a of our Bible Reading tells us that the “shepherds went back to their sheep, praising God and thanking him for everything they had seen and heard.”
The shepherds praised and thanked God for Jesus. If you believe that Jesus is the Christ, God’s chosen one, praise and thank Him today.