Jesus’ Names (6)

A few days ago, we read about Isaiah prophesying that Jesus would be called Immanuel. In our Bible Reading today, Isaiah said that Jesus would be called the Prince of Peace. Verse 6b says, “His name will be ‘Wonderful Counselor, Powerful God, Father Who Lives Forever, Prince of Peace.'” Verse 7a continues, “Power and peace will be his kingdom.”
In our world today, many people talk about peace. These people talk about a peace that means “no war or fighting.” But Jesus’ peace is different. His peace is inside of us. This peace happens because we know that Jesus died for our sins. Christians can have peace in their hearts even if they live among people who are fighting.
Jesus is the Prince (ruler) over the peace that happens in our lives. And, the book of Revelation tells us that heaven will be a place of peace. Jesus will reign as the Prince of Peace forever.
Do you want true peace in your life today? Give your life to Jesus and follow Him every day.