Jesus’ Names (7)

Our Bible Reading today is a list of Jesus’ earthly family line. Verse 1 says, “This is the family history of Jesus Christ. He came from the family of David and Abraham.” Many times in the New Testament, Jesus is called “Son of David.”
A week before Jesus was killed, He came into the city of Jerusalem. The people treated Jesus like He was a king. In Matthew 21:9b we read, “The people shouted, ‘Praise to the Son of David! Welcome! God bless the One that comes in the name of the Lord!'”
It was very important for the Jewish people to know that Jesus was born into David’s family. Many years before, God told the Jews He would send His Son into the world. God said His Son would be born into David’s family line. God said it would happen, and it happened!
We should remember that God always keeps His promises. God has promised that Christians will live forever in heaven with Him. God said it will happen, and it will happen!