Jesus, Our Friend

It is natural for people to want friends. We all want someone that we can share with and talk to. Friends love us and encourage us.
When you become a Christian, Jesus is your Lord and Savior. But He is also your friend. When you need someone to talk with or someone to cheer you up, Jesus is always there.
Sometimes our friends leave us or stop loving us. But Jesus loves you and is always with you. He shares your pain and comforts you. Jesus is not just an earthly friend, He is a perfect friend. You can’t ask for a better friend!
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus was talking with His disciples. In verse 15 Jesus said, “I no longer call you servants, because servants don’t know what their master is doing. But now I call you friends, because I have told you everything that my Father told me.”
I hope that Jesus is your friend and that you have chosen to love and serve Him. Your friendship with Jesus will last forever!