Jesus’ Parables (2)

In our Bible Reading today, Jesus continued talking about the kingdom of heaven. He said that the kingdom of heaven is like a fishing net. Have you ever used a fishing net? Some nets are very small. Other nets are very large and are used to catch big fish.
When I go fishing, usually the fish I catch are not all the same. Some are big and some are small. Some may have speckles or stripes. And, I have even caught a dead fish. Did I keep that dead fish? No! I threw it away because it smelled very bad.
Jesus explained that the fish in the net are like people – some are good and some are bad. The good people are those who follow God. The bad people are those who refuse to love and obey God. Jesus said that the angels will come and separate the good people from the bad people. The good people will receive eternal life with God. But the bad people will be thrown into a place of fire.
I want to make sure that I always follow God. I want to live forever with Him.