Jesus’ Parables (3)

In Bible times, there were many shepherds. Shepherds are people who take care of sheep. They feed their sheep and watch them at night. Shepherds make sure that wild animals do not attack the sheep. The sheep trust their shepherd and obey his voice.

Today in our Bible Reading, Jesus told a story about a man who lost one sheep. He had one hundred sheep, but one was lost. All the sheep were important to the shepherd. But he left the ninety-nine sheep to go looking for the one that was missing. The shepherd was worried about the lost sheep. He did not want that one sheep to be hurt or killed.

Jesus is our shepherd. We are His sheep. Jesus loves us and wants us to be safe. If one person stops following Him, Jesus wants that person to follow Him again. Jesus does not want one person to be lost without salvation. Jesus wants to be your shepherd. He wants you to follow Him, too!