Jesus’ Parables (4)

Jesus told His followers a story about two sons. The father asked both sons to work in the vineyard. One son said he would not go and work. But later he decided that he would work in the vineyard. The second son said he would work, but he did not go to the vineyard. Jesus asked in verse 31a, “‘Which of the two sons obeyed his father?’ The Jewish leaders answered, ‘The first son.’” 

Sometimes we say that we want to serve God. But then we conintue to disobey God. Maybe we go to church on Sunday, but on Monday we act like we are not Christians. Maybe we even try to look like a Christian, but inside we do not want to obey God. God wants us to serve Him every day of the week. He wants us to be true Christians, not pretend Christians.

I hope that you are truly serving and obeying God. Ask Him to help you stay close to Him. Live for God every day of your life.