Jesus’ Prayers (2)

The books of Matthew, Mark and Luke tell us about Jesus’ baptism. But only Luke tells us that Jesus prayed at His baptism. Verse 21b of our Bible Reading says, “Jesus came and was baptized too. While Jesus was praying, the sky opened.”
Jesus’ baptism was the beginning event of His public ministry. I believe that He was thinking about the reason God sent Him to earth — to save people from their sins. Maybe Jesus was praying and asking God to help Him with His ministry.
We should pray for our ministry in God’s kingdom, too. It doesn’t matter what our ministry is — being a pastor, making blankets for orphans, taking a meal to someone who is sick or teaching a Sunday School class — we should be asking God to help us work for Him.
Pray about your ministry today. If you don’t have a ministry, ask God to help you find a place where you can serve Him.