Jesus’ Prayers (3)

One of the first things Jesus did after starting His ministry was to choose twelve men. Jesus taught these men for three years. He trained them to be the leaders in the church.
Choosing these twelve men was part of God’s plan. Jesus wanted to choose the right men. In our Bible Reading we learn that before Jesus chose these men, He did something very important — He prayed!
Verses 12-13a tell us, “At that time Jesus went out to a mountain to pray. He stayed there all night praying to God. The next morning, Jesus called his followers. He chose twelve of them.”
Jesus prayed all night. We do not know what He prayed, but I believe He asked God to help Him choose the right men. Jesus may also have prayed for each of the twelve men and asked God to lead them.
Often we make important decisions, but we forget to include God in our plans. What is happening in your life today? Ask God to bless you with wisdom in making decisions.