Jesus, the Light

I am a blind person. Maybe you are not blind. But you can probably imagine that it is difficult to be blind. When I am in a familiar area, I can go places easily. I may use a white cane, a guide dog or a friend to lead me.
But when I am in an unfamiliar place, it is more difficult for me. And, if I do not have a cane, a guide dog or a friend to help me, I run into things, stumble or become confused.
Some people are spiritually blind. These people live without Jesus, the Light. They live in the darkness of sin. This is much worse than being physically blind. Spiritually blind people are confused and don?t know what to do. They need Jesus to lead them.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus told His followers, ?So put your trust in the light while you still have it. Then you will become sons of light? (verse 36a). If you are spiritually blind, you need to trust Jesus today. You can depend on Him to show you the way.