Jesus, the Messiah

God told His people, the Israelites, that someday He would send a person to save them. This person was called the Messiah. There are many Old Testament verses that talk about the Messiah. These verses also describe what the Messiah will do.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus asked His disciples (verse 13b), “Who do people say I am?” They told Jesus that some people thought He was John the Baptizer, Elijah or Jeremiah. Then in verse 15 Jesus asked His disciples, “And who do you say I am?”
Peter said, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God” (verse 16). Peter knew that Jesus was chosen and sent by God. We need to be like Peter and say that we know that Jesus is God’s Son. Jesus is our Savior. Through Him we have the promise of eternal life.
Who do you say Jesus is? Is He just a good man who lived long ago? Or is He your Lord and Savior?