Jesus, the Messiah

The Jews waited a long time for God to send the Messiah (God’s chosen one). But when Jesus was on earth, many Jews did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. Those people who believed that Jesus was God’s Son became part of God’s church. Those Christians looked forward to the day when Jesus would return to earth.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that before Jesus comes again, many people will say that they are the Messiah. Verse 24 says, “False Christs and false prophets will come and do great things and miracles. They will do these things to the people God has chosen. They will do these things to try to fool his people, if that is possible.” There are false Messiahs in the world today who say that they are from God. But these people can only give false hopes to their followers.
Sometimes I turn away from Jesus. I forget that He has power over my sins. I read the Bible less and do not serve God as often. Then I repent (say I am sorry for my sins) and turn to Jesus again. I want to only follow and serve Jesus, the true Messiah.