Jesus, the Only Way

I read a story about a man who was tired of his farm. So he decided to sell the farm. The farmer called a real estate agent. He told the agent all the good things about the farm – the rich land that produced a lot of crops, the quiet pond full of fish, the large farmhouse with a beautiful front porch and the small orchard of apple trees.
The agent wrote this information on a piece of paper. When the farmer read the paper, he said, “Wow! That sounds like a wonderful farm! I don’t think I will sell it!”
I know people who go to church. But they become bored with the church building or the Sunday School program or the church members. Then they start looking at other religions. Maybe they even accept a new religion for a short time. But soon they realize that being a Christian is the only way to find salvation.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus said that He is the only way to God. I hope that Jesus is your Savior and the Lord of your life.