Jesus, the Way

My name is Corban. Chad Entinger, the director of Deaf Missions, is my dad.
One time I went to a church with my dad and my younger brother, Davan. I went to a Sunday school class. The teacher talked about going to heaven and living with Jesus forever.
The teacher explained that people in the world say there are many ways to get to heaven. She showed us a book that she said was full of ways to live forever with God. The teacher opened the book, and the pages were blank! I asked her, “Why aren’t there any words on the pages?” She said, “Because there are no other ways to get to heaven. The only way is through Jesus!”
Our Bible Reading today tells us about the time when Jesus was with His special followers. It was right before He died on the cross. Jesus gave His followers some final instructions and encouragement. He reminded them that the only way to God is through Him.
I hope you have found Jesus — the only way to God.