Jesus’ Trials (1)

Did you know that Jesus was arrested, went through six trials, was beaten, mocked and crucified in less than 24 hours?
Our Bible Reading today tells us what happened when Jesus was arrested. He was in a garden with His disciples. The men who came to arrest Jesus were led by Judas, one of Jesus’ twelve apostles. When Judas kissed Jesus, it was a sign for the men to arrest Him.
According to Jewish law, Jesus’ trials were illegal. No arrest or trial could happen at night. Jesus was arrested and tried at night. After hearing the testimony, the Jewish judge was supposed to wait two days and then come back and hear the testimony again. That didn’t happen with Jesus’ trials. Also, trials could not be held during the celebration of the Passover. Jesus’ trials happened during the Passover week.
For the next six days we will look at each of Jesus’ trials. We will learn how Jesus suffered so that we might have eternal life through him.