Jesus’ Trials (1)

Annas was the religious and political leader of the Jews. He had been the high priest for sixteen years. Then Annas’ son-in-law, Caiaphas, became the high priest. But many Jews still followed Annas as their leader. Annas’ family probably became wealthy from the sale of animals in the temple. One time Jesus threw these sellers out of the temple. Maybe Annas was pleased to see that Jesus was arrested.
The Jews put Jesus through several Jewish trials. First, Annas questioned Jesus. Then, the men took Jesus to Caiaphas’ house (Matthew 26:57). The teachers of the law and the Jewish leaders were already meeting at Caiaphas’ house. Jesus knew that many of the things happening to Him were against Jewish law.
During the night, Jesus had many opportunities to use His power. He could have overcome the men who arrested Him or the people who were hurting Him and saying bad things about Him. But Jesus chose to endure the beatings and mocking.
When people hurt us, we should act like Jesus. We should show them love.