Jesus’ Trials (2)

Jesus was arrested, and a group of soldiers took Him to Annas. Annas had been a Jewish high priest in the past.
We need to remember that the Jewish religious leaders and Jesus did not get along very well. Often Jesus called these men hypocrites because they did not really love and serve God. John, chapter 2, tells that Jesus went into the temple. He drove out people who were selling animals and exchanging money. The Jewish religious leaders did not like this. They wanted to be in control of everything that happened in the temple. They also wanted to receive money for themselves from the money exchangers.
So Jesus stood before Annas, who hated Him and wanted Him to die. After asking some questions, Annas sent Jesus to Caiaphas, who was the high priest at that time. Tomorrow we will talk more about that trial.
Be sure that you are not like the Jewish leaders. Love and serve God every day.