Jesus’ Trials (4)

It was now early morning. Jesus was led before the Sanhedrin, the highest court of the Jews. According to Jewish laws, the Sanhedrin should decide whether Jesus was innocent or guilty.
But the Jews had a problem. They said Jesus was guilty because He said He was God’s Son. That charge would not be accepted in a Roman court. They needed to charge Jesus with a crime that could be punished by death according to Roman law. So they said that Jesus called himself a king and wanted to overthrow the government.
When we look at Jesus’ trials, we can see that they were very unfair. People lied about Jesus, beat Him and mocked Him. But through all this, Jesus never sinned. He remained humble and obeyed God.
Sometimes people are unfair to us, too. When that happens, we should remember Jesus’ example of humility and obedience.