Jesus’ Trials (6)

Now Jesus appeared before Herod. It is interesting that our Bible verses tell us that Herod was happy to see Jesus. Why? Because Herod had heard about Jesus and wanted Him to do a miracle.
But Jesus knew how Herod felt, and He did not reply to Herod’s questions. “Jesus said nothing” (verse 9b). The Jewish religious leaders were there, too. They shouted bad things about Jesus. “Herod and his soldiers laughed at him. They made fun of him by dressing him in clothes like kings wear” (verse 11a).
It is hard for me to read about the terrible things that these people did to Jesus. Jesus is God’s Son and the King of Israel. But the people hurt Jesus and mocked Him.
What will you do with Jesus today? Will you make fun of Him and reject Him? Or will you love and serve and honor Him as your Savior and Lord?