Jewelry (2)

Several years ago, people wore bracelets with the letters “WWJD” on them. These letters stood for “What Would Jesus Do?”
These bracelets help people remember that they should act like Jesus did when He was on earth. One example is our Bible Reading today. The devil tempted Jesus to sin. But Jesus did not sin. Instead, Jesus repeated Bible verses to the devil.
This is a good example for us to follow. We can memorize Bible verses. Or, we can know where to find certain verses in the Bible. Then, when the devil tempts us to sin, we can use these verses to help us say “No!” to the devil.
God has given us His Word, the Bible. The Bible shows us how we should live. The Bible also tells us that God wants us to do the right things. We should think and act like Jesus every day.
The devil may tempt you to sin today. Remember to use God’s Word to help you say “No!”