Jewelry (4)

Today we will talk about a special piece of jewelry that American soldiers wear around their necks. This necklace is a chain with small metal tags hanging on it. The soldier’s name, identification number and other information are stamped on the tags. Often these tags are called “dog tags” because they are similar to the metal tags on dog collars.
One thing included on a dog tag is that person’s religion. If I had this kind of tag, the word “Christian” would be stamped on it. People could look at the metal tag and know that I am a Christian.
But how does God know that I am a Christian? Do I need to wear a necklace that says “Christian” on it? Our Bible Reading today tells us that God is powerful. Verse 5b says, “There is no limit to the things he knows.” God knows my thoughts. He knows if I truly love and follow Him. We cannot fool God. He knows everything about each person in the world.
Think about your life today. Maybe you need to get rid of some sins that bother you. Ask God to help you love and follow Him.