Jewelry (4)

Charm bracelets are very popular now. Often these bracelets have charms that represent things that are important to the person wearing the bracelet.
My daughter has several dogs. On her charm bracelet, she has tiny pictures of her dogs. I know a lady who enjoys music and plays the piano. She has a bracelet with musical symbols on it. I like teapots and teacups, so my daughter gave me a bracelet with tiny teacups and teapots on it.
If someone made a charm bracelet to represent your life, what kind of charms would be on the bracelet? Would there be charms to show that you are loving, forgiving and kind? Would the charms tell everyone that you love Jesus? Would the bracelet show that you worship and serve only God?
Our Bible Reading talks about living so people can see the good things you do. Think about these things as you go out into the world today.