Jewelry (5)

When I was a little girl, my mother gave me a pretty pin. Someone had given this pin to my mother when she was a girl. The pin was white with two rabbits on it. Every time I take the pin from my jewelry box, I think about my mother. Probably you have things to help you remember a special person or event.
A beautiful sunny day reminds me that God controls the weather. A stormy day reminds me about God’s power, too. Both the sunshine and the rain are needed to keep things alive on earth. I am especially reminded about God when I see earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes on TV. No person can do the things that God does.
Verse 13b of our Bible Reading says, “God, no one is great like you are.” You can see God’s greatness around you today. Look for things that God has made. And thank Him for the many ways He blesses you with good things.