Jewelry (5)

Some people wear lockets. Lockets are often shaped like a heart. I have also seen lockets that are round or rectangular.
A locket is usually worn on a chain around the neck. Inside the locket is a place to put a tiny picture. My oldest daughter has a picture of her children in her locket. My youngest daughter wears one with a picture of her dog. When I see a heart-shaped locket, I think that the person must really love the special person or thing whose picture is inside.
We keep special feelings inside our spiritual hearts. We need to be careful to only keep things that are pleasing to God. Why? Because God knows what is in our hearts.
In our Bible Reading, the writer asked God to look inside his spiritual heart. He asked God to find things that were evil and remove them. Psalm 44:21 tells us that God “knows even our deepest secrets.”
Make sure that your heart is pure and pleasing to God.