Jewelry (7)

One day I noticed a little spot on the collar of my black suit jacket. I tried to clean the spot, but I couldn’t remove it. I put a small, gold, leaf-shaped pin over the stain. Then no one could see the spot.
When we do something wrong, we cannot just cover it up with a pin, a coat or even a big blanket. God sees everything we do. He knows when we do something wrong. 1 John 3:20 says, “God is greater than our heart (conscience). God knows everything.”
God knows our sins, and He can remove those sins. The gold pin only covered the spot on my jacket. God does not cover our sins. He completely removes our sins. In Isaiah 1:18, God talks about sin. “The Lord says, ‘Come, let’s discuss these things. Your sins are red like scarlet, but they can be washed away and you will be white like snow. Your sins are bright red, but you can become white like wool.”
God sent Jesus to die on the cross. Through Jesus, our sins can be forgiven. Ask God to help you understand how you can have your sins forgiven today.