John’s Message*

John the Baptizer was the son of Zechariah. John’s job was to prepare the people for Jesus. Several Old Testament prophets told about a man who would prepare the way for God’s Son. John was the fulfillment of those prophecies.
John the Baptizer was different from most people at that time. He wore strange clothing and ate strange foods. But John lived a life that was pleasing to God. And John’s message was very clear. He spoke God’s message to everyone.
When John spoke, he used examples from everyday life. He warned the people that they needed to repent. John reminded the people that when they repented, they needed to do two things: turn away from sin and turn toward God. Then their hearts would be ready to receive Jesus.
Even Christians today need to repent. Each day we should try to get rid of the sin in our lives and come closer to God. Then we can fill our hearts with His love and His Word, the Bible.