Joined to Jesus

A TV remote control is a wonderful device. But if the batteries in the remote control are dead or there are no batteries at all, the remote control is useless. We cannot make a remote control work without a power source.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus talked to His disciples. He said that He is like a vine and His disciples are like the branches. In verse 4 Jesus said, “Stay joined to me and I will stay joined to you. No branch can produce fruit alone. It must stay connected to the vine. It is the same with you. You cannot produce fruit alone. You must stay joined to me.”
We can stay joined to Jesus through prayer, Bible study and our obedience. But when we do not stay joined to Jesus, we do not have His power. Then we are not able to show His love and good works to other people.
Think about your life today. Be sure that you are joined to Jesus and are growing in Him.