Joseph, the Dreamer

Joseph was born when Jacob, his father, was old. Jacob loved Joseph very much. He gave him a beautiful coat. Joseph’s eleven other brothers were jealous. So they hated him.

Joseph had a dream about his brothers and bundles of wheat. Joseph’s wheat stood tall. The brother’s wheat bowed to Joseph’s wheat. Joseph told his brothers about the dream. They became angry. Genesis 37:8 tells us what the brothers said. “His brothers said, ‘Do you think this means that you will be a king and rule over us?’ His brothers hated Joseph more now because of the dreams he had about them.”

Joseph had another dream about the sun, moon and eleven stars bowing to him. Joseph told his father about this dream. Jacob asked Joseph if he thought that he, his mother and his brothers would bow down to him.

One day Jacob sent Joseph to find his brothers who were caring for sheep. When they saw Joseph coming, they decided to get rid of him. They sold him as a slave to some traders. They dipped his coat in blood and let their father think that Joseph was dead.

Family arguments are terrible. God wants families to love each other. Be kind to your family members today.