Joshua (1)

God told the Israelites that He would give them a wonderful place to live. This place was called Canaan. God told Moses to send some men to explore the land of Canaan. So God chose twelve men to go to Canaan. Joshua was one of those twelve men.
When the men returned from Canaan, Joshua and Caleb said that it was a good land. They said that God would help them live in that land. But the other ten men were afraid. They did not trust God to protect them. Verse 4 of our Bible Reading tells us that these men were so afraid, they wanted to choose another leader and go back to Egypt!
Joshua and Caleb trusted God. They told the Israelites that God would take care of them and lead them into the land. Later, God blessed Joshua and Caleb because of their faithfulness (Numbers 26:65).
Sometimes we are scared and we are tempted to stop trusting God. But we should be like Joshua. We should depend on God to take care of us.