Joshua (2)

Everything was packed in boxes and ready to move. My family and friends loaded the furniture and boxes onto the truck. When they arrived at my new house, they unloaded everything and left.
Boxes were everywhere. I noticed that one chair was empty, so I sat down. I was alone except for my dog. I knew that I had to start unpacking, but my body ached. I wanted to make some dinner, but I had no idea where the can opener was!
Over the next few days, I started unpacking. But I was exhausted and frustrated. Then I remembered a verse from today’s Bible Reading. “The Lord gave you a place to rest” (verse 15a). So I started taking short rests. I would unpack and then rest. I was amazed how much these times of rest helped me while I was unpacking.
Maybe you have an important job to do today. Don’t forget to take time to sit down and rest. And thank God for giving you the strength to finish your job.