Joshua (3)

Joshua, chapter 3, tells about the time when the Israelites took the Box of the Agreement across the Jordan River. Some men carried the box. Joshua told the people to stay about 1000 yards behind the box. “You have not been here before. But if you follow them, then you will know where to go” (verse 4b).
God was with the Israelites as they crossed over the Jordan River. He parted the waters of the river so they could walk through. This miracle was proof that God was with the Israelites and that He would continue to be with them.
I had many things to do before I could move into my new home. But my friends said that they knew God was working in every part of my move. He seemed to make sure that the way was clear for me to move without problems.
As I saw God working in my life, I knew this was proof that He would continue to be with me. God will work in your life today, too. Trust Him to lead you.