Josiah, Boy King

Josiah was eight years old when he became the king of Judah. His father, King Manassah, was a very evil man. He turned away from God and worshiped idols.
But our Bible Reading tells us that Josiah followed God throughout all his life. “Josiah did the things that the Lord said were right. Josiah followed God like his ancestor David. Josiah obeyed God’s teachings — he did exactly what God wanted” (verse 2). Josiah was raised around people who were worshiping false gods. It was probably not easy for Josiah to remain faithful to God.
One of the things Josiah did was repair the temple. While the workers were fixing the temple, they found God’s Book of the Law. King Josiah was happy that they found God’s laws, but he was sad that his people did not know God’s commands.
God helped Josiah be a good king. Josiah led his people to worship God and follow His teachings. I hope you will be like Josiah today