. . .Joy

The next things the Spirit gives is joy. When I was young, our church youth group often sang a song called “JOY.” Some of the words of the song were: “Jesus and Others and You — what a wonderful way to spell JOY.”
That song tells us how we can have real joy in life. First, we should make Jesus the most important part of our lives. Second, we should help and take care of other people. Third, we should think about ourselves.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus talked about joy (happiness). He wants us to have that kind of joy. This joy comes from loving God and obeying His commands. Also, this kind of joy comes from loving other people. If we have this kind of joy, God will take care of us.
Think about the word JOY today. Thank God for His gift of salvation through Jesus. Read and study His commands in the Bible. Love other people in the same way that Jesus loves you. Then you will have true joy.