As Christians, we are on a spiritual journey in life. We will all face many temptations along the way. Sometimes we may give in these temptations and sin. We may even need to decide if we will reject God or serve Him completely.

In the book of Genesis, we learn about Judah, one of Jacob’s twelve sons. Genesis, chapter 38, tells us that Judah committed adultery with his daughter-in-law. But chapters 43-46 show us that Judah took the leadership in going with his brothers to Egypt to buy food during the famine. It seems that even though Judah sinned, he chose to keep on serving God.

When Jacob was ready to die, he called his sons and told each son what would happen to them in the future. In Genesis 49:10, Jacob told what would happen to Judah. “Men from Judah’s family will be kings. The sign that his family rules will not leave his family before the real king comes. Then many people will obey and serve him.” The real king is Jesus! This is a prophecy that someday Jesus would be born through Judah’s family line. What a blessing for Judah and his family!

What will you do today? Will you accept God’s forgiveness and continue to serve Him? Or will you turn away from God? The decision is yours!