Today we will look at another short New Testament book — the book of Jude. This is a letter of warning that Jude wrote to Christians.
Jude loved the truth about Jesus, and he wanted to make sure that people knew that truth. But Jude saw people who were pretending to be Christians. Jude called these people “dirty spots among you” (verse 12). He described these people in verse 16a, “These people always complain and find wrong in others. They always do the evil things they want to do.”
Jude’s letter is a warning about people like this who are in the church. “In the last times there will be people who laugh at God and do only what they want to do — things that are against God. These are the people who divide you. They are not spiritual, because they don’t have the Spirit” (verses 18b-19).
Share the truth about Jesus with others today. And be sure that you only follow people who love and serve God.