Just What We Need

It rained and rained for 48 hours. Our roof started to leak in several places. We put buckets and other containers all over the house to hold the rain water. We prayed that God would provide a way for us to fix the roof.
The next week we were able to make plans to repair the roof. The TV weatherman predicted that it would not rain for three days. I prayed we could get the roof fixed before it rained again.
As we started to repair the roof, we realized that it would require more than three days to finish the job. We worked hard, but soon they predicted more rain. We covered the roof with plastic. And we prayed some more.
The next day was sunny again. I continued to pray for dry weather. The following day was dry, too. We finally finished the roof without a drop of rain!
Each time we prayed about our roof, God gave us just what we needed. In our Bible Reading, God gave David what he needed. Remember today that God will take care of your needs, too.