I watch the evening news on TV, and I see that people are doing bad things. It bothers me when the police are not able to catch someone who did something bad. And it bothers me when our court system lets people go free who should be punished.
Psalm 75 is a psalm of justice. These verses tell us God is the best judge and that He will punish people for the bad things they have done. Someday God will even punish bad people who are not punished here on earth.
Verses 4 and 5 talk about proud people. “Some people are very proud. They think they are powerful and important. But I tell those people, ‘Don’t brag! Don’t be so proud!’” These verses remind me that sometimes I become proud, too. I need to be careful to obey God and stay humble.
Thank God today for His wonderful wisdom and justice. And be sure that you follow God’s plan for your life.