Keep on Learning

I watched some children who were learning to swim at the local YMCA. The pool was large and divided into lanes by ropes. There were three different age groups of children learning to swim. The youngest children tried to swim within the lanes, but they kept hitting the ropes. The children who were a little bit older only ran into the ropes a few times. But the group of oldest children swam in the lanes and did not hit the ropes at all.

Watching those children reminded me of being a Christian. When we are a new Christian, we truly want to serve God. But sometimes we are like a man named Apollos. He was a new Christian and excited to tell people about Jesus. But Apollos needed to learn more about Jesus. Acts 18:26 tells us about some Christians who helped Apollos. “Apollos began to speak very boldly in the synagogue. When Priscilla and Aquila heard him speak, they took him to their home and helped him understand the way of God better.”

No matter how long we have been a Christian, we still need to keep studying the Bible and learning more about God and His plan for our lives. Be sure to keep on learning from God’s Word and growing in your faith.