Our Bible Reading today is a story about God’s prophet, Jeremiah. He told the people God’s messages. But the king’s officials did not like what Jeremiah said. They wanted to kill Jeremiah.
The officials put Jeremiah in a cistern. (A cistern is a large tank for holding water.) But this cistern did not have water in it. It was full of mud! The officials left Jeremiah to die in the mud.
A man from Ethiopia named Ebed Melech heard what happened to Jeremiah. He told the king about Jeremiah. The king ordered Ebed Melech to pull Jeremiah out of the pit.

Ebed Melech was kind to Jeremiah. Ebed Melech could have ignored Jeremiah. Instead he decided to help him. Often we see opportunities to help other people, but we ignore them.

We should be like Ebed Melech and show kindness to people we meet each day. Look for opportunities to be kind today.