King and Queen

Our Bible Reading today is a beautiful love story. Esther was a Jewish girl. Her mother and father died. So Esther?s cousin, Mordecai, took care of her. Verse 7b says, ?Esther had a very pretty face and a good figure.?
King Xerxes wanted to find a woman to be his queen. He gathered together many beautiful young women. One of these young women was Esther. For many months, the king?s helpers gave Esther beauty treatments and special food.
Finally Esther went to see the king. Verse 17a says, ?The king loved Esther more than any of the other girls. And she became his favorite. He approved of her more than any of the other girls. So King Xerxes put a crown on Esther?s head and made her the new queen.?
Later, an evil man wanted to kill all the Jews. But Esther saved her people from being destroyed. God used Esther to keep the Jewish people alive.
You may not be rich or beautiful. But God can use you to help other people learn about Him. Let God use you today.