King Asa

Asa was the king of Judah. Our Bible Reading tells us that Asa was a good king. He removed all the altars where people worshiped false gods. Asa commanded the people to follow God’s laws. God blessed Judah and gave them a time of peace.
Later, Zerah from Ethiopia and his army came to Judah. He wanted to fight the men of Judah and take their land. Asa had about 500,000 men in his army, but Zerah’s army had 1,000,000 men! Asa must have thought that there was no way his army could defeat the Ethiopians.
But Asa prayed to God and asked for help. In verse 11b he said, “Lord, only you can help weak people against strong people! Help us, Lord our God! We depend on you. We fight this large army in your name. Lord, you are our God! Don’t let anyone win against you!” God helped the army of Judah, and they defeated the Ethiopians.
God is so good! He was good to Asa and his army. God will be good to us, too. When we face problems in life or when we are afraid, we can pray and ask God to help us.