We have three kittens who were born last summer and have been living outdoors. One kitten has become quite tame, and another kitten is slowly learning to trust us. But one kitten still runs away every time we get near him.
When the weather became cold, we knew we had to move the kittens into our heated garage. We couldn’t leave the one kitten outside to freeze to death. Finally we were able to catch all three kittens and move them into the garage.
The wild kitten was not willing to trust us to take care of him. So he kept running away and hiding. Many times, people act like that kitten. They don’t trust God to know what is best for them. When they refuse to trust God, they usually get into trouble.
Our Bible verse today tells us that God is like a shepherd who “takes care of his people.” Trust God to protect and provide for you. Then you will be much happier and safer