Know God

I have several close friends. I know their names, their addresses and where they work. I did not work hard to memorize this information. I learned it just by knowing my friends.
I love to watch NASCAR races. I know most of the drivers’ names, who owns the cars and some of their crew members. I did not write down these facts and memorize them. I just watched the races on TV every week.
It is okay to know about our friends and to know about sports. But it is more important to know God. We should not depend on what someone else says about God and His Word, the Bible. We should know God and His plan for our lives by reading the Bible. Memorizing Bible verses is another way to be closer to God.
Our Bible Reading today talks about knowing that God is the One who made us. Verse 3 says, “Know that the Lord is God. He made us. We are his people. We are his sheep.” The more you read about God, the more you will know Him. Then you can have a close relationship with Him.