Last Words (2)

My grandma gave me a picture that shows Jesus knocking on the door of a house. She said, “Look carefully at the picture. Can you find something unusual?” I noticed that there was no door knob on the door. My grandmother said, “The door symbolizes your life. Jesus can’t come into your life unless you open the door from the inside. Jesus will not force you to follow Him. You must ask Jesus to be your Savior and continue to obey Him.”
Then my grandmother told me about the day her father died. The family was standing around her father’s bed. Suddenly her father opened his eyes and said, “Open the door!” The family looked at the door to the room. It was already open. He grabbed my grandmother’s hand and said again, “Open the door!” Then he died. A few days later, my grandmother read her father’s favorite Bible verse, Revelation 3:20. Then she understood that he was trying to tell her to always follow Jesus.
My great-grandfather’s last words were very important. I hope your last words will be important, too.