Last Words (4)

In our Bible Reading today, we find King David’s last words. David told the Israelites to gather supplies to build a temple. He was happy that the people gave so much to God. David prayed that the Israelites would continue to follow God and to build the temple.
David was a powerful king. He also had great wealth. But David knew that he was powerful and wealthy because God had blessed him. David praised God for all He had done.
Then David prayed for his son, Solomon. Solomon was to be the next king. David prayed that Solomon would obey God’s commands and finish the work of building the temple.
Some of David’s last words are found in verse 20b, “Now give praise to the Lord your God.” David’s life was full of praise. The many songs that he wrote in the book of Psalms show his love and praise for God. We, too, should praise God for the many wonderful things He has done for us. Will your last words on earth be words of praise to God?