Last Words (6)

Often Paul said that Timothy “was like a dear son to me” (2 Timothy 1:2b). Our Bible verses today are Paul’s final words to Timothy. Paul knew that Timothy would face difficult situations in the future. Paul also realized that more and more people were persecuting (hurting) Christians.
Paul was a good teacher for Timothy. He taught Timothy by his words and his actions. Timothy knew that Paul preached about Jesus and lived his life for Jesus. Now Paul was nearing his death. He had suffered through stonings, beatings, a shipwreck and imprisonment. Through all this, Paul kept his faith in Jesus. In these verses, Paul encouraged Timothy to always live for Jesus. Paul reminded him about the great reward that God has for people who continue to follow Him.
Paul’s last words to Timothy were words of encouragement. Maybe there is someone you can encourage today. Let them see what God has done in your life. Share with them the Good News about Jesus.