Last Words (7)

Today’s verses are the last words of Jesus that Luke included in his book. Jesus died and rose from the dead. Then He appeared to His followers to show them that He was really alive. Jesus helped them understand God’s plan of salvation. Jesus shared the Good News with these followers, and they finally understood it!
Jesus’ apostles (special helpers) were a unique group of men. They had been with Jesus through His ministry, and they had seen His death, burial and resurrection. Now Jesus gave them the job of telling the Good News to other people. The apostles were to start in Jerusalem and then spread out to Judea, Samaria and the rest of the earth (Acts 1:8). Jesus promised the apostles that He would soon give them power to help them tell the world about Him.
Jesus’ last words were about us and our salvation. That’s why He came to the earth. Now the apostles understood and were ready to share the Good News with the world. I hope you are willing to share Jesus’ message with others today.