Law or Grace?

Before Jesus died, the Jews lived under God’s law. It was God’s law that saved them. But after Jesus’ death and resurrection, God had a new plan. This new plan was that people are saved by God’s grace, not by obeying laws.
At first, it was hard for some Jewish Christians to understand being saved by God’s grace. It was also hard for them to know that God’s plan was for all people, not just for the Jews. In our Bible Reading today, some Jewish Christians did not understand how Peter could preach the Good News about Jesus to people who were not Jews and did not obey the Jewish laws. In these verses, Peter explained how God showed him that salvation was for all people.
Sometimes we can be like these Jewish Christians. We forget about God’s grace and think that we must obey rules to earn our salvation. But we need to remember that we are saved by God’s grace through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Praise God today for this wonderful gift of salvation!