Learn about God

Our Bible Reading today tells us some awesome things about God. Verse 11 says that God does everything at just the right time.
I should never be impatient with God. I know that He will answer my prayers in His own way and at the right time. Verse 13 tells us that God wants every person to eat, drink and enjoy his work. The writer of Ecclesiastes says that these are gifts from God.
The next verse says, “I learned that anything God does will continue forever.” We can’t change what God has done in the past or what He will do in the future. I can feel safe when I remember that God controls all things.
In verse 16, the writer talks about goodness and fairness. He says that many things in the world are not good or fair. But he writes in 16b, “God has planned a time for everything. And God has planned a time to judge everything people do.” God will judge the good people and the bad people. I am happy to know that God is a good and fair judge.
The Bible teaches us many more wonderful things about God. Take time today to search your Bible and learn more about Him.